Saturday, January 8, 2011

Dead Sea Scrolls: Two Nov. online Articles by Golb, Golb

Raphael Golb was given permission to write.
Judge Berkman, in her November sentencing, gave Raphael permission to write about his case.

Raphael Golb has written his own account of his Dead Sea Scrolls case (link below).

In his essay below, Raphael provides a multitude of details, most of which will be quite new to readers.
Raphael's essay ties together loose ends; shows everyone's part in the case; etc; and it will be clearer how the case was too complicated for a jury.
(A great deal of his account, you will find, my own blog had gotten wrong, or halfway, or not at all)

Raphael Golb: "The Dead Sea Scrolls Scandal: How I Was Convicted of a Crime" Nov. 2010: